Company History

Preface Theatre's mandate is to bring together both experienced and emerging artists to share traditions, skills, ideas and inspiration in order to provide a positive and creative theatrical process including performance exploring new theatre in old spaces and old theatre in new spaces. Through this exploration, Preface Theatre strives toward a cultural identity that reflects the various cultural traditions Canadian theatre embodies, in the exploration of varied artistic forms, spaces and genres to produce theatre that is accessible to a broad spectrum of audiences, and bring audience, space and performer into a communion.   

Preface Theatre was incorporated in June of 2001 and is a Not-For-Profit theatre company, and a registered charity.   Our goals focus on artistry, community, education and inspiration. We look to build a sense of community. Our choice of plays, venues and artists demonstrate our dedication to proactive involvement of a wide scope of artists, spaces and audiences. 

Past Projects

A staged reading of the new Canadian play Happy Valley by Cesare Casciato directed by Dennis Hayes, on December 10th 2001 at the Buddies In Bad Times Theatre.

The Swahili legend The Cloth of the Serpent Pembe Mirui, adapted by Nicole St. Martin and directed by Joanna McDermott, for the Hospital for Sick Children, which is was performed at the hospital’s The Bear Theatre on Wednesday January 23rd 2001.

The staged reading of Frank Canino’s The Angelina Project, directed by Frank Canino, which was performed for the University of Toronto’s Historical Society and Women’s Studies Program on May 27th  2002.

Preface Theatre’s workshop production of The Lost Villages Project with consulting director Paul Thompson, director Eric Rose, dramaturge Sandra Balcovske and cast; Janet Amos, John Blackwood, Michael Bradley and Nicole St. Martin.  Performed at the Tarragon Theatre on December 6th and 7th2002.

Various workshops of The Box Social in Toronto and in Bogotá, Colombia. 2002-2005

The full-scale production of The Bear at the Art Gallery of Ontario, directed by Christopher Morris, designed by Gillian Gallow and starring David Ferry, Robert Nasmith and Nicole St. Martin. January 2005.

A developmental workshop to adapt James Reaney’s short story The Box Social over a 6 week period in December 2005 and January 2006, featuring Kate Blank, Michael Bradley, Claire Calnan, and Kelly Taylor, as well as a chorus of 8 Toronto-area teens.  Directed by Nicole St. Martin, the results of this workshop were presented at the Palmerston Library Theatre on January 21st, 2006.

A developmental workshop in a park in the heart of London, England, to adapt James Reaney’s short story The Box Social with Drama Centre, London (UK) students over 1 week period in April 2007 featuring Joanna Nevin, Fiona Drummond, Jessica Stephen and Jeremy Tiang.  Directed by Nicole St. Martin.